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Arched Fire Guards (590mm width)

I produce handmade riveted fire guards which have been designed to fit many cast iron fireplace inserts including arched shaped openings. Not only do they look good, but if they fit the fire opening well they are more likely to prevent sparks from escaping. They are constructed using a double frame with the mesh held firmly between the two using round head, (snap head), rivets.

The size of the arched guard pictured to the right is 725mm tall and 590mm wide, with centre of radius 295mm down from top. Height can be varied a little, but width is fixed.

Prices for these arched fireguards are £385.00 plus delivery, please contact me to order yours.

(It should be noted that I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by fire even if a guard is being used).

Small Arched Fire Guard in front of a cast iron victorian fireplace