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Fire Pits and Braziers

I have been developing a range of fire pits that are constructed from formed 25mm x 6mm mild steel bars. At this stage I produce two sizes; large and small, both pictured below. Good sized logs can be burnt on them or, if needed, the larger sized brazier can be used as a garden incinerator. Both designs have a lift-out plate at the base to facilitate the cleaning of ash.

How to use a fire pit

Fire braziers are great for use in the garden to keep warm on an evening in both the summer and winter. They provide a brilliant base for lighting a fire safely in the garden with friends. Just put fire wood or logs into the fire pit and light a fire as normal; make sure to be as safe as possible when lighting and around the fire.

Large Fire pit

The larger brazier has detachable legs and measures 620mm diameter at the top.

Costs: £300.00

Large Garden Fire Pit Product

Small Fire pit

The smaller brazier does not have detachable legs but is easier to move. It measures 500mm diameter at the top.

Smaller brazier costs £145.00

Small Garden Fire Pit Product