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Garden Structures

I am able to produce a range of metal structures for the garden, including walk through arches, rose arches, trellising, plant supports, hanging basket brackets, bird tables and sculptural pieces. I am happy to discuss any particular needs you might have, or projects that you have in mind, and offer a bespoke service. Please contact me to discuss your personal requirements.

Please find below examples of work that I have produced in the past.

Garden Arch

The walk-through garden arch pictured in the photograph below was approximately 10 meters long and 2.5 metres wide. It was galvanised and powder coated to protect it from the elements increasing its longevity. Garden arches like the one below allow climbing plants to be trained to create beautiful garden features.

Walk-through- arch

Garden Sculpture

The picture below shows the detail of a metal sculpture incorporating a forged frame, stainless steel rods and copper sheet. The copper cups at the end of each rod sway rhythmically in the wind.



Plant Obelisks

I can design and make bespoke garden obelisks, as show below, to fit your landscaping needs.